Words To Live By: Just a collection of quotes, phrases, messages and what have you that I have come across and found interesting enough to share.

Don’t see others’ faults, see your own. For if you dwell on others’ faults, your own will get stronger

— Flaws, verses 252 & 253

Don’t be motivated by money. Be motivated by an idea, a concept. Create something real, something that you know people can admire, cherish and appreciate and not things that are disposable and trendy and are only there for the minute. You can have short-term success with that, but that’s not why we’re in this business. Think longevity, think how each product that you create can help build your following and help make you better as a brand and as a person.

— Ronnie Fieg, ACCLAIM Magazine issue 29

Don’t be a cunt.

— Joe Rogan

If the world is foul, and you think foul is how you got to live, then from the get your ass was foul and foul just is how you is.

— Talib Kweli, 2000 Seasons

You know a man by his stance on marijuana.

— Duncan Trussell

Over time a pot will fill up
from just a dripping tap.
Similarly, over time bad actions
will fill you with great suffering.

— Bad Conduct, verse 121

…speaking of healing without speaking of love will always evade the truth.

— Drunvalo Melchizedek

The system, in fact, destroys us through neglect much more often than by the police revolver.

— Huey P. Newton

Nobody has a monopoly on truth, neither the leader nor the militant.

— Frantz Fanon