Because I’m too bent to work and too up to lay down

I play this and I can’t decide if he or Freddie Gibbs rocked the sample better.

I won’t lose my grip, ‘fore I turn Cobain

I like this because Larry King’s ego flexes so hard and Neil Tyson just poots all over it. But un-offensively.

I don’t fear death… I love the unknown.

An almost 8-year-old 13th Witness video of him recording some dude skateboarding through a city in Japan.

IDK, just get random urges to watch it.

Probably some un-satisfied 7th grade yearning to kick flip.


a flick of me in a DC hookah lounge inhaling some alien tainted shit

(wishing it was hash)

I’m a FBZ stan. (you all should see them live)

Do you like being yo mother?

I need to learn how to make gifs quickly.


Submitting the final copy of this book I’ve been tasked to illustrate.

If nothing else, it really exposed my procrastinating side.

We all could get so much done if we created more than we consumed…

or at least at the same rate.

(as I continue to think of irrelevant things to say and links to share)




Random Visuals 012015

I’m in the process of turning this site into a legit graphic design portfolio. And when I say process, I mean I don’t want to learn css so I have to choose from the wp offered layouts. Also have been trying to teach myself to paint. Also drawing and vectoring and video editing. Also drinking dark shit and trying to find the perfect pair of denim. I’m very fake busy. So here are some pictures so I won’t feel like I’m wasting money paying for this url, and so you won’t totally abandon me.















I Be Strokin’

Recently, I’ve been slowing down on doing random sketches, rough drafts and concepts. Instead, my focus has been to go back through the pages of shit I’ve done, and begin to finalize them or create bigger, cleaner versions. There are so many holes in my game. Working smarter/being more efficient is the biggest hole. So, I took my 2 off days and committed to completing 2 projects, start to finish.

The first was a thank you gift of sorts to the gallery owner who lets my crew set up shop every month to slang merch. It was the gallery’s 1 year anniversary so I figured I’d create something incorporating that. A real no-brainer.

I came across this process of using frisket film to basically create a stencil style effect. I thought it was neat, and was artistically very horny and I needed to get that nut off so I found a way to use the technique on this project without interfering with the original design and order of things.

Multi-functional tracing paper. Aside from it’s actual purpose, it makes a great…smudge guard(?)

Half a blunt and a bowl later, fin.

If you’re in Baltimore, stop by the gallery. It’s called The Alchemy of Art. It’s on 1637 Eastern Ave, a few blocks up from the bars and restaurants in Fells Point. Go get cultured, then get wasted.

This whole french fry themed art kick I’m on…

It’s something I can’t even begin to explain because I don’t really know myself.


I know it amuses me, and allows me to test my boundaries…


while giving me some sort of mental freedom to not take the challenge too serious. Clearly

More stupidity.
With a lot of practice, I’ll be able to make drawings and paintings as clean as they are retarded.


This one came from just being frustrated about rash of black male deaths at the hands of police — which, sadly, is not a new phenomenon if you’re black and a male. For some reason, white America thought rappers shouting “FUCK THE POLICE” for the last 25 years was just some shit to sound rebellious.

Under the Influence

Creatively, my mind has been all over the place the past few days. It’s just dozens of preliminary ideas that I’m slowly getting out, one by one, as concise as possible so that when I get back to them, I won’t have to struggle to figure out where the fuck I was going with them in the first place. I jacked some pictures to try and show where I’m drawing inspiration from. Not shown: vegetarian nights, reversible og Nautica sailing jackets, new Pro-Wise tracks, sacred geometry, face-fucking pornos and young hustlers.

Overstand the Underhanded Ways…

We live in a world saturated with information. We have virtually unlimited amounts of data at our fingertips at all times, and we’re well versed in arguments about the dangers of not knowing enough and not doing our homework. But what I have sensed is an enormous frustration with the unexpected costs of knowing too much, of being inundated with information. We have come to confuse information with understanding.

So true Mr. Gladwell.