The following is a quote from today’s episode of Meet The Press

…France’s 9-11

How in the hell does Amerikkkan media manage to interject this nation into another country’s misfortune? Maybe I should I ask why. I didn’t really want to type anything in regards to what happened this past Friday. I don’t have anything insightful or new to add. But, here I am…typing about this shit. I personally feel like it was an extreme act of violence more-so than terrorism. But, for the sake of this entry, I won’t rock that boat. Merriam-Webster defines terror as violence that is committed by a person, group, or government in order to frighten people and achieve a political goal or a very strong feeling of fear. It defines terrorism as the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion. I’m going to run with that, as getting into the etymology of terror will take me very far off course. Friday’s incident was an act of acute terror. I came across the theory of acute acts of violence in this book titled Mind Fist. It was speaking on acute bullying. It also spoke on chronic bullying. Acute and chronic — the former being brief, and the latter being long standing. If Friday’s incident was acute terrorism, then are there acts of chronic terrorism?

I live in Baltimore. The 301st homicide was recorded last night. What that last sentence doesn’t include is the non-fatal shootings/stabbings/assaults. It also doesn’t include that crazy shit that doesn’t get reported to the police and/or (occasionally) by local news stations. I’m not exaggerating when I say that living in a city like this can invoke terror — terror of the chronic kind. People can become numb to chronic pains though. People live with chronic injuries everyday, right? So chronic acts of terror tend to be treated as an extreme nuisance, at best. It’s especially true when the chronic terror is happening to the ignored, underappreciated, (sometimes) unwanted members of society — both locally and globally. There was, and will be, no nationally televised week long “how do we recover from this” mourning period for McKenzie Elliot, the 3 year old girl killed in North Baltimore last year. Nor will there be one for Tyshawn Lee, the 9 year old boy killed due to modern day tribalism in Chicago. Yet, a random act of (extreme) violence happens in the post-happy hour hustle and bustle of a prosperous metropolis, and the entire world gasps at the horror for 168 straight hours. Then the usual follow-up of what-ifs, who done its, how can we prevents and whys. If we were to judge by the amount of coverage these incidents receive, compassion would seem to be a conditional thing in today’s world. I don’t say that to “downgrade” what happened in France. My intent is the opposite. But is it psychologically feasible to process every violent death the same? Why does the quantity, and quality, of the life taken still seem to factor into where the world’s compassion lays, and for how long? Remember the almost 150 people murdered at Garissa University College back in April? Yeah, I didn’t either. Is the fact that it happened in the African nation of Kenya — a place people consider 3rd world — the reason it was so quickly forgotten? I feel safe in saying I think most Amerikkkans think all of Africa is either fucking war-torn or a jungle, and any violence that happens is just their way of life. Chronic terror. Trivializing death here because it happens more than it does there doesn’t make the death here more bearable and less tragic.

Don’t put chronic pains in the back of your mind. Every “ouch” deserves the same amount of attention. Take care of your body. Take care of every body.

Ben Carson wants you to have more sex

Ok, he didn’t exactly say that but it’s implied. Sort of. Fast-forward to the 4 minute mark (or watch the whole thing if you please. I’d actually suggest that.) Dr. Carson believes we’re lagging behind as a country, in comparison to China and India — both of which have a shit ton of people. But a good portion of those tons of people live in the Amerikkkan equivalent of below the poverty line. So, I’m not sure why he thinks more people will lead to more success. I don’t know the ins and outs of maintaining a corporation disguised as a nation. Apparently, according to Ben, it’s more bodies *cough* chattel *cough*

But, it is about race…

I try to see the (I guess I’ll call it) duality in all things. I wish everyone would at least try to see it as well. The tensions between local authorities and citizens is an issue that all hu(e)mans should be concerned about. With that said, please stop saying these killings are not about race. Please stop denying American hatred, rooted in fear, of black people. It is ingrained in America. The what-appears-to-be-a-rash of cop killings is not an anomaly. But it is new news to the millions of citizens who somehow think post-racial America is any more than just a slogan because a person of color is in the white house. America has never NOT been a racist and/or prejudice place. The jungle isn’t any less dangerous just because the prey can’t see the predator.

Eventually, I was going to use this space to express my opinions on all the shit that’s happening. I was not sure when that was going to happen, as I haven’t really been motivated to sit and type out my thoughts in an organized manner. My thoughts have been coming in short bursts and there are other platforms for that. But, I had a conversation the other day that somewhat brought me back something I actually wrote about a while ago. During the conversation, I was told that interrupting the lives of people who are already aware of social problems is not a good way to get messages across and enact change. For instance, blocking traffic is more negative than positive. It makes them mad. I was then told — obviously in their opinion — that other forms of protesting tend to be more effective in terms of getting what you want. That’s cool. But fuck that. I was trying to figure out a way to tell them that seeing it from that angle is a privileged point of view, and that in itself is one of the problems. It’s almost like some ‘I’m a humanitarian up until this line drawn in the sand but then I’ve got other shit to do’. And specifically with whats going on now, you can’t really be for change while straddling the fence. This is a social issue that’s been basically ignored for centuries and to feel like ones commute is more important essentially spits in the face of people who want justice (whatever the fuck that really is.)

If anybody sincerely feels like black lives matter, they first have to acknowledge when black lives stopped mattering. Or did the lives of black men and women in America ever really matter, outside of what he/she could do for a white man? It’s no secret that the Constitution of the United States was constructed with the notion that blacks were 3/5ths of whites. Basically this country was founded, built and maintained with the idea that black — not fully human — lives mattered only when it was beneficial to the white power structure. What about the 13th Amendment? I wipe my ass with it. The loophole in that amendment gives America the power to once again dehumanize anyone they see as a criminal. And that is exactly what these officers of the law are being allowed to do. It’s some real Judge Dredd shit.

What I find disheartening is reality won’t allow me to come up with a peaceful solution — not that I’ve been tasked by the universe to do so. This is a racial issue. Race is just a concept used to divide people based on appearance alone. A group of people wanted power and they achieved it by dehumanizing and enslaving, for the most part, a different group of people. A certain “race”. Unforunately, those kind of power hungry people still exists and their lust for power has only grown stronger. Can an idea be completely eradicated without destroying the bodies in which it resides? If it can, maybe I am too narrow-minded to see it.

I could’a kilt Tina. Whats blood got to do with it?

So, what was once an isolated incident — that was somewhat swept under the rug — is now a launch pad for right wings, leftist, feminist, arm-chair QBs, ya mama, ya mama’s mama and so on. I’m slightly addicted the 140 character window of opinion sharing opportunity that is Twitter. Sadly, it is a vortex for misinformation, and springboard for “here’s my take” based of said misinformation. Thankfully, I have this microscopic piece of world-wide web property and I can speak uninterrupted by character barriers.

Don’t ever hit a woman. Every man has heard it. Don’t ever hit anyone. A lot fewer people have heard that. Self-control. It is preached way more than it is practiced. You leave yourself vulnerable when you fail to practice self-control. Janay Palmer did not practice self-control. Ray Rice did not practice self-control. Both are suffering. Whose is worst and to what extent is not my call. A lack of self-control has caused a man to not only lose his job, but his spouse(trust, she’s going to dip), the respect of his fans and possibly his freedom.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to segue into this so I’ll just go for it. Men have to start holding themselves to a higher standard in a lot of situations, but especially when it comes to dealing with confrontations involving women. I’m only 30 years into this life and I’ve already heard the “men are the more logical of the two” speech a million times. Now, IF that is the case, logic would tell you that a certain situation (liquor soaked disagreements) could go a certain way (very bad), so let me begin to take preemptive measures in order to (a) control the situation and restore order or (b) get as far away from the situation as possible. Sometimes, shit just jumps straight to letter b and that is when the practice of self-control has to take over. You cannot talk a hurricane back down to a light shower with small gusts of wind. That’s not how nature works. While the who-is-more-logical battle can rage on for an eternity, the debate of who tends to be more emotional last about 15 seconds – however long it takes to say the word women and the other 14 seconds for the applause to die down. Knowing that emotions tend to block logic should tell you that she (or he, sometimes) is upset and might do something that isn’t well thought out. Let me fall waaaaaaaay the fuck back.

Now, along with men holding themselves to high standards, women have to acknowledge that most times, men are stronger and bigger than them. Now, you are within your right to increase the volume of voice. You have the right to be angry and sad and mad. You have right to fling around accusations and allegations. But DO NOT POP SHIT. Don’t poke, pull, push, swing or kick. That is not the way to get someone to see your side and be understanding of your feelings. I am not victim blaming.

I’m a peaceful man. I have been fortunate enough to have never been in a relationship where emotions ran high and arguments were constant. I’ve never had a female, stranger or lover, approach me in an aggressive manner (at least non-sexually). Perhaps it is my demeanor or maybe I just know how to talk to wo….no, that… whatever. Admittedly, I’m speaking on something foreign to me. But I feel I know people, and I know how they should act in order to achieve and/or maintain harmony. Everything starts from within. Self-control.

A Hundred Million Blind Mice (3x)

I did the weekly hanging out with my pops thing last week. I mentioned the protest that would be happening downtown. He was unaware of the protest. Understandable. He was also unaware of what the protest was for. Not understandable. He was unaware of all the rash of deaths involving unarmed black men that has happened recently. I was a bit upset and disappointed. His total disconnection from the world and its current events was shocking.

I’m going to use my new favorite word: microcosm. I think that his disconnection or lack of awareness is a microcosm of the nation’s way of going through life. I hope I used the word properly. I live in a nation (I say nation LOOSELY) where a vast majority of people are blind to many truths. I don’t know if it’s a self imposed blinder being put up, unfiltered ignorance because of genetics or a sheepish mentality where they only believe what’s presented to them and they feel no further individual research is needed on the matter. When did the “but whhhy” — that ALL kids let out as a response to damn near everything — stop becoming a part of the average adult’s vocabulary? It’s interesting that some things that are said, repeatedly over the course of any given time, can somehow become truths; while other things are constantly up for debate. Police brutality against people of color has been an issues for twice as long as I have been alive. The plain’ol beat a nigga mentality has been part of America since day zero. Yet, somehow, the person on the receiving end of the ass whooping is reasonable for ensuring the ass whooping doesn’t happen again by altering his/her lifestyle.


Looks like his pants are around his waist. This is from 1930. White people always did love a good show.

I’m going to tie the S.S. Rape Culture boat to this doc. How many times have women been told, and argued against, the statement “well, if you weren’t dressed like that…”? Countless, right? It’s a silly statement that attempts to free the rapist from being responsible for his/her crime. Making oneself less of victim does not remove the criminal act from existence. So, when I keep seeing shit said along the lines of “they need to pull their pants up, cops won’t mess with them” or “how are they going to respect our lives if we don’t respect…”, I’m baffled. Has anybody EVER gotten fucked with — be it a bully, cop, you name the asshole — and thought next time I’m just going to do this and I’m sure they won’t bother me…? Doubt it. Unless that thought was let me not be around HERE anymore. Now, if that’s an idea of a solution from someone who only witnesses foul shit occur, and is never on the receiving end, then I ask this: Where are black men suppose to go? Is there a safe haven for the black American male on this planet?

Why You M.A.A.D.

Been a minute. I was torn between writing about the grammy aftermath, objectifying women and… something else that won’t surface, so obviously, it was unimportant. If you’re clever, and noticed the title, you’ll pick up on where this is headed. I did not watch the award show. That was done on purpose. Two plus hours of celebrity circle jerking is not something I find entertaining. Live performances shown on tv are not actually live performances. I did not listen to Macklamore’s album. I do not know if it was better than GKMC. I do not care either. And neither should you. Entertainment, although displayed on a grand public scale, is really some personal shit. You decide what is ‘hot’ to you. You decide what is whack, to you. You deem what is classic… to you. How many of you listen to Scarface’sThe Fix? The Source gave it 5 mics, by the way. I witnessed a countless amount of hissy-fits thrown, and it led to absolutely nothing in the end. I also played Money Trees a day or so later in my car, on the way to work, and (surprise) it’s still dope as shit. Sidebar: here is a video of the making of that beat. (Makes me wish I had an ear for production)

I went to pour a drink and lost my train of thought. I wonder who came up with that term. Who thinks in a relatively straight line anyway? Nobody. A robot, maybe.

Land of the Phony, Home of the Hypocrite

I typed this earlier today on my phone, while I was at work, and saved it in my drafts. Instead of editing it and changing the subject/verb tenses(?), I’m just going to leave it as is. My feelings haven’t changed over the course of 5 hours.

CNN is on, as it often is while I’m at work. Fareed Zakaria is discussing two topics with the anchor: guns in america and education. Here’s my summary of what I gathered from the closed caption. Americans are dumb and trigger happy. I’m kidding. Buuuuut, I’m willing to bet a good portion of the world has a view very similar to that. Apparently, the quality of education is not so good in lower income areas of the country. I am totally shocked by that. I mean, who would think that if you combine underpaid instructors, crappy facilities, inefficient/outdated learning tools and a boring curriculum, you would end up with an educational system that basically pumps out shit product. Not that I’m trying to dehumanize kids by referring to them as product but “hey look, a spade.” Then, there are the external factors, as opposed to the actual schools, like the living situation, the kid’s diet, medical issues, parental guidance and so on.

My take on guns in America is pretty straight forward. I think if one person is allowed to, then all people should at the least, be presented with the opportunity to own a gun. Now, if one person can’t, then no one should. That includes cops, doctors, dudes who drive bank deposit trucks, the man behind the thick glass at the halal market, Rusty who lives out in the sticks, whomever. What I find amusing, although not entirely humorous, is the things that this country does contradicts how it wants its citizens to live. There’s the heavy anti-bullying campaign that has been happening recently. That’s laughable since our armed forces are peppered all over the global, flexing muscle unnecessarily (drone strikes on huts and shit). Mrs Obama was spearheading a movement against childhood obesity, if I’m not mistaken, yet there are additives and chemicals in our food that other countries have banned because they directly affect the health of their citizens (i.e high fructose corn syrup). BANNED SON. If you turn on the news, they constantly run segments about terror and terrorist, both domestic and foreign. They will dig into reasons behind mass murders. Ask yourself, how many times in an hour did they show the planes crashing into the towers? That shit was on a fucking infinite loop. It is clear-as-day fear mongering. So, you’ve basically made guns seem like the most powerful tool for defense, then through media programming try to make your citizens feel like there is always a chance we will be attacked (“BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR…” aka be on the defense) and then say “Well, we’re gonna have to ask you guys to start handing over your tools for defense.” How can a person feel safe if they can’t properly defend themselves? Everybody doesn’t have time for Krav Maga. I’m not a “gun nut”. Honestly, I don’t really like guns but I think they are useful tools. I feel like the topic of gun control is as stupid as the war on drugs. They both are things invented by some people inside a power structure that play on a person’s need to feel safe and then in turn, end up fucking over those same people.

Also, Max B is a political prisoner.

Real Eyes Realize….

I was on the couch, eating breakfast and the local FOX News was reporting on obesity and how now it is being labeled as an actual disease. I wouldn’t argue against that. The immediate issue I had though was with how they talked about combating it, like its some fucking out of this world mystery as to how and why people, specifically Americans, become obese. I know the day will never come. The day when all the people getting rich off of the suffering, sick, broken back having, forever stuck in a hole every day citizens finally get exposed. Its no secret that over the course of time, humans went from foragers to basically hoarders. So a change in eating habits is partially the reason for national fatness. But from agriculture to fucking with the DNA of food to the creation of quite possibly one of the worst additives, HFCS, it’s not like this is some unforeseen disease. I won’t go so far as to say it was part of a bigger plan, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Most schools are phasing out physical education as a requirement, some altogether. They got rid of home ec decades ago so learning how to prepare meals got replaced with bagged snacks and dollar menu binges. Shit has been put in place to make the not so healthy food appear more convenient, more accessible and less expensive than fruits and vegetables. When you go into a regular grocery store, pay attention to the layout, what items are where, which merchandise has the biggest signs and all that shit. Call me a conspiracy nut, I don’t give a fuck. And what’s ironic is the following segment, or maybe 2 segments later, they are reporting on the death of James Gandolfini. “Reports say his sudden death may have been caused by a heart attack…” and I wanted to shout LOOK AT THIS GUY! HIS HEART WAS CLEARLY OVER WORKED SO ARE YOU REALLY SHOCKED?!…but you know me, I never want to come off as insensitive. Juuuuust kidding. Sidebar: I LOATHE “R.I.P. shout outs” to dead celebrities. I get on whatever social media site and every other post or statement is “you will be missed” or some corny shit. You motherfuckers are so phony lol and the birthday wishes to dead people OH LORD GIVE IT A REST. Welp, I think that’s about it.

Those Flashing…Lights ights ights

As I’ve grown, I’ve cared less and less about the personal lives of entertainers whom I am a fan of; whether it be music, movies, whatever. But we live in the age of the internet, where you are forced fed useless facts and the latest stories nanoseconds after the universe lets them come to be. So, it’s kind of difficult, probably damn near impossible, to avoid the gossip 100%. With that being said, 1. Russell Brand is an admitted addict of all kinds of shit, so is anyone really shocked, 2. The Carter baby better either be a black John Connor (a Skynet like organization is going to surface, trust) or the first face printed on the new global currency when NWO fully takes over and all the current major currencies become worthless and 3. Jersey Shore, The Kardashians and most other “reality” shows are the reason for dwindling ticket sales at the zoos across America. I’m headed to the gym now.

Don’t you trust dem’ new ni…..

If someone asked what I believe in, I would say I believe in disbelief. I don’t want to label myself a pessimist, although some folk say a pessimist and a realist sort of walk the same path, but I feel that it’s less difficult for me to prove the abscence of something than the presence of nothing. I’m not out to take a dump on other people’s beliefs though. There is no Bill Mahering going on ’round these parts.

Yesterday, an anchor for CNN interviewed one of the founders for a nonprofit organization called Former Majority Association for Equality, which is a funny ass name to me. Basically, this organization is offering scholarships to only white males with a 3.0 GPA, and CNN keeps calling it controversial. Literally, before they say scholarship program, they say controversial. EVERYTIME. It’s fucking bugging the shit out of me. The way they are reporting it makes it seem like they are wanting it to ruffle a few feathers or they want Jesse to call up and spit one of his infamous rap-speeches, where everything rhymes. Okay, maybe that’s not 100% accurate and I’m basing it off an old MadTV skit but so what. What I’m not understanding is how this situation, although the selectivity is based off race, controversial, but a school labelling itself an HBCU isn’t. If Yale called itself an HW(hite)CU, bricks would be shat and YOU RACIST memes would be all over the place. Now, I’m not ignoring the fact that the Ivy League schools and universities in this country have histories smothered in racism and issues involving class and social status, because that would be super-stupid on my part, but if the term HWCU existed, you know Al Sharpton’s fat ass would be somewhere in D.C., leading a mock funeral procession celebrating the “death” of the term. Sidebar: niggers don’t die AL. Not sure if he was aware of that shit. Shout out to Paul Mooney.

Quite a few older black people whose brains I pick, mostly family members, partially blame desegregation for the demise of black communities. Actually, let me be more specific and say self-sufficient, progressive black communities. Hell, communities in general have become endangered and the reasons probably number in the triple digits. Big businesses knocking small, independent businesses out is the biggest factor in my opinion. You’ve got to wonder if segragation was still a social norm, and for the sake of this entry, racism is like it is now, hidden well(sometimes) yet still around(all the time), would there be more black owned independent businesses and more black millionaires? Nobody really gives asians any grief for having Chinatowns in damn near every major city. I don’t think a couple square blocks of a city being strictly black owned and operated is some unfathomable idea and it’s not “setting us back”, which is what some female guest said on CNN this afternoon with regards to the white male only scholarship. In reality, anytime a person/group does something that strictly benefits one race/ethnic group/sect, by default everyone outside the bubble is going to get dissed, or at least feel that way. People are way too sensitive ya’know.

Sensitive thugs/y’all all need hugs/Damn lil man, I’m just tryna do me