Because I’m too bent to work and too up to lay down

I play this and I can’t decide if he or Freddie Gibbs rocked the sample better.

I won’t lose my grip, ‘fore I turn Cobain

I like this because Larry King’s ego flexes so hard and Neil Tyson just poots all over it. But un-offensively.

I don’t fear death… I love the unknown.

An almost 8-year-old 13th Witness video of him recording some dude skateboarding through a city in Japan.

IDK, just get random urges to watch it.

Probably some un-satisfied 7th grade yearning to kick flip.


a flick of me in a DC hookah lounge inhaling some alien tainted shit

(wishing it was hash)

I’m a FBZ stan. (you all should see them live)

Do you like being yo mother?

I need to learn how to make gifs quickly.


Submitting the final copy of this book I’ve been tasked to illustrate.

If nothing else, it really exposed my procrastinating side.

We all could get so much done if we created more than we consumed…

or at least at the same rate.

(as I continue to think of irrelevant things to say and links to share)




Why You M.A.A.D.

Been a minute. I was torn between writing about the grammy aftermath, objectifying women and… something else that won’t surface, so obviously, it was unimportant. If you’re clever, and noticed the title, you’ll pick up on where this is headed. I did not watch the award show. That was done on purpose. Two plus hours of celebrity circle jerking is not something I find entertaining. Live performances shown on tv are not actually live performances. I did not listen to Macklamore’s album. I do not know if it was better than GKMC. I do not care either. And neither should you. Entertainment, although displayed on a grand public scale, is really some personal shit. You decide what is ‘hot’ to you. You decide what is whack, to you. You deem what is classic… to you. How many of you listen to Scarface’sThe Fix? The Source gave it 5 mics, by the way. I witnessed a countless amount of hissy-fits thrown, and it led to absolutely nothing in the end. I also played Money Trees a day or so later in my car, on the way to work, and (surprise) it’s still dope as shit. Sidebar: here is a video of the making of that beat. (Makes me wish I had an ear for production)

I went to pour a drink and lost my train of thought. I wonder who came up with that term. Who thinks in a relatively straight line anyway? Nobody. A robot, maybe.

Back To The Future Pt Half-Moon Caesar

So, my intention was to rant about the Ravens and their shit performance this past Sunday and start a petition to get Cam Cameron’s ass, well head, on the chopping block.

Yeah, that was my intention but why flood my small part of the net with negativity when I can post videos that remind me of HS cafeteria ciphers.

Let that boy cook

One of the sixteen cuts off of Asher’s mixtape, Pabst & Jazz. I really fuck with the album. I play it just about everyday at work, and if not at work then in the car.

I also would like to say the Ravens need satin Starter type jackets.

Get On Yo’ Grind

I try not to let money be the source of my happiness. I try not to let money be the reason for my down days. I really try hard, but it’s fucking impossible to not let that tiny piece of paper sway my moods. With that being said, I have an interview for a part-time gig in one of Nike’s outlet stores tomorrow. So I’m just going to put this out in the universe, and see what happens: Hi Oregon. -chuckles-

Stand on my own, not who I stand next to

Sir Michael Rocks – Coochie Crook

I never checked for any CK albums or mixed tapes to be honest, but I’d see videos or hear one or both of them on other people’s stuff. I like this though. It’s a fun track. And the minor amount of butt videography doesn’t hurt.

The Cover Judger

Picked this up at a FYE that is going out of business for 10 bucks. The cd was $10, not the store. I just wanted to clarify that. I like these deluxe editions because they come with white label tracks, a poster and commentary from the artists and other people involved in the making of the album. One store’s bankruptcy loss is my gain.

Records that my grandmother owned. I haven’t gotten around to seeing all of what is there. Can’t get pass listening to Miles Davis.

I don’t create timetables for my leisure reading, but these are on deck. Two I saw in an old Complex magazine, another two were recommended by a friend and one I picked up on a whim for reason I have yet to discover.

I found out about steel cut oats during a weekend trip to New York back in 2009 and have been a fan ever since. I normally like to top it with a sliced banana but I tried something different yesterday and today. Very good.