Slut Shaming


Do you participate in this activity? Why? What’s wrong with you? Are you some kind of prude? How could you be against sexual freedom? You want to be the only person to get your dick sucked? I wonder if a secret poll was taken, which gender would have the higher percentage of slut shamers. I’m willing to bet it is women. I have nothing solid to base that bet on (at the moment) but I feel confident I would win. I’m straying. That’s normal. Ask yourself though, what non beneficial thing comes from lots of fucking. The normal responses would be sexually transmitted diseases and hella babies. I stick my tongue out and make fart noises at both of those because they can both also happen with a low number of sexual encounters. So what else do you have nay sayers?

I’m STILL reading Sex At Dawn and in it, the history of promiscuity is discussed. It is a lot to get into since it is tied to the expansion of communities, agriculture and ownership, among other things. I would advise any and everyone to read that book.

I’m literally writing this entry in sections, over the course of a few days. These thoughts are scattered.

Fuck this. I think I made my point. GROUP HUG MOTHERFUCKERS.

Birthday Suits: Buy One, Get One Free

I got a discount coupon for Barnes & Noble. I enjoy getting them. They always hit my inbox when I’m not expecting them. They’re like surprise nudie pictures. Who on earth doesn’t appreciate boobies and butt cheeks. And that’s why I’m torn between Looker and Beautiful:Nudes. I’m leaning towards the latter at the moment just based off of the cover, not that I’m on some pro-black, love the nubian goddess type kick. I just googled nubian and that shit is used improperly all the time. Wow. Learning is fun. And now, a quote from the gun expert I work with:

They tried to say something to me about my sweatpants. How are they going to have Casual Friday, but then put a limit on it. Fascist. I know who else was a fascist… nice little guy. He was cool until a couple of Jews started fucking with him…

I laughed.

You a wild bit…

I guess this post was inspired by O Munn’s latest Maxim spread, which I received in a pdf file a few days ago and cannot find. It’s no doubt that she is good looking, but I never thought she was insanely hot, even though her ever expanding fanbase would probably disagree with me, while tearing my body limb from limb. Actually, to be truthful, I can’t really think of any female that’s drop dead goregous but that’s just me nit-picking I suppose. Let me get back on track and explain why I rock with O Munn. Her sense of humor. Now, she is no George Carlin, but during her stint on AOTS, her off the cuff shit was rarely lame TO ME. Probably like 1 out of 50 was a stinker. Now, maybe her good looks influenced that, maybe not. One instance that stands out is when out of nowhere, although I’m sure a skit they showed sparked it, she went on a rant, at least 3 minutes in length about fat people. I really wish I could remember verbatim what she said, but I can’t and I won’t try and wing it and ruin it, but just the simple fact of her saying something like that on a network where I’m fairly certain a good portion of the audience is(are?) fat couch potato men, and probably women, and not give 2 shits about losing some fans makes her awesome in my book. So, thank you Miss Munn, for keeping a smile on my face and a tipi in my Gap jeans.