The Electrifying Adventures of Mr. Powers is the children’s book about a father of 2 who dons a costume and becomes a superhero when necessary. I was tapped to do design and illustrations for the story back in late 2015. It was my most challenging project to date, and also the most rewarding.

The original cover was for a hard back addition that was released via a preorder (above)

When thinking of continuity for future releases, and due to some publishing changes, the colors, layout and covers were altered when the general release hit (below)

The lettering for the title was custom. The original style was pretty flat in appearance (below)

For the cover of the pre-order and general release, I added a simple drop shadow to give it some depth. As we started to think about how we would advertise the book, we decided to give the text a 3D effect (below)

An alternate version that didn’t make the cut (below)

The final version that we used for a variety of mediums (below)

The following are stripped down versions of the 3D text (below) Use of the negative space meant the letter fill could be anything — solid colors, patterns, gradient.

Here’s one of the first designs that was strictly used for advertisement(above) It was incorporated onto a vertical banner that was used at fairs and live events. It eventually got scrapped because kids kept thinking it was a DC character (and we wanted to avoid any infringement issues)

One of my favorite parts of the story is the “Power’s Point”. It wraps up the overall message of the story, in a clever rhyme scheme. Initially, I submitted it to the author as a back cover design (above) but the author wanted it to directly follow the last page of the book illustrations (below)

Here’s a flyer I whipped up for a reading we did in an independent book and coffee shop in NW DC (below)

For Volume 2, we made some major changes — the biggest and most evident being all the illustrations were done digitally as opposed to on paper and then scanned and edited. This allowed for more vibrant images, more continuity in terms of characters skin tone and quicker turn around times for any revisions that needed to be made. Also, Mr. Powers suit had a total overhaul — less clunky and robot like to a more streamline, modern costume, as well as a color change.

Volume 2 cover… (above)

and re-designed banner (below)