Thoughts between coffee & whatever I’m going to eat for lunch

Shout to being busy with doing things you enjoy doing. A weird sort of progressive therapy or something.

Both my parents have recently commented, like within the last 2 months, on how they could have done better jobs raising me. Coincidentally, I’ve been making up for wasted time as a lazy teen by studying more and taking advantage of my talents.

I haven’t read up on the FIFA scandal but I have a very general idea about what is going on. I’m not surprised by any slimy-ness. Professional sports are built upon the buying and selling of human bodies and talents. Really, it’s inherently immoral.

I haven’t posted up in the streets of foreign countries enough. I wish cared about documenting my travels, when I was traveling more.

I’m cheating on Baltimore w/ NYC this spring. Now to add L.A. to the chain.

Today’s weather forecast: corduroy shorts.

I wonder if there are any white people who support black owned and operated businesses exclusively.

Current necessities: veggie/fruit smoothie truck, pumpkin colored low-cut wallies, super lemon haze

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