But, it is about race…

I try to see the (I guess I’ll call it) duality in all things. I wish everyone would at least try to see it as well. The tensions between local authorities and citizens is an issue that all hu(e)mans should be concerned about. With that said, please stop saying these killings are not about race. Please stop denying American hatred, rooted in fear, of black people. It is ingrained in America. The what-appears-to-be-a-rash of cop killings is not an anomaly. But it is new news to the millions of citizens who somehow think post-racial America is any more than just a slogan because a person of color is in the white house. America has never NOT been a racist and/or prejudice place. The jungle isn’t any less dangerous just because the prey can’t see the predator.

Eventually, I was going to use this space to express my opinions on all the shit that’s happening. I was not sure when that was going to happen, as I haven’t really been motivated to sit and type out my thoughts in an organized manner. My thoughts have been coming in short bursts and there are other platforms for that. But, I had a conversation the other day that somewhat brought me back something I actually wrote about a while ago. During the conversation, I was told that interrupting the lives of people who are already aware of social problems is not a good way to get messages across and enact change. For instance, blocking traffic is more negative than positive. It makes them mad. I was then told — obviously in their opinion — that other forms of protesting tend to be more effective in terms of getting what you want. That’s cool. But fuck that. I was trying to figure out a way to tell them that seeing it from that angle is a privileged point of view, and that in itself is one of the problems. It’s almost like some ‘I’m a humanitarian up until this line drawn in the sand but then I’ve got other shit to do’. And specifically with whats going on now, you can’t really be for change while straddling the fence. This is a social issue that’s been basically ignored for centuries and to feel like ones commute is more important essentially spits in the face of people who want justice (whatever the fuck that really is.)

If anybody sincerely feels like black lives matter, they first have to acknowledge when black lives stopped mattering. Or did the lives of black men and women in America ever really matter, outside of what he/she could do for a white man? It’s no secret that the Constitution of the United States was constructed with the notion that blacks were 3/5ths of whites. Basically this country was founded, built and maintained with the idea that black — not fully human — lives mattered only when it was beneficial to the white power structure. What about the 13th Amendment? I wipe my ass with it. The loophole in that amendment gives America the power to once again dehumanize anyone they see as a criminal. And that is exactly what these officers of the law are being allowed to do. It’s some real Judge Dredd shit.

What I find disheartening is reality won’t allow me to come up with a peaceful solution — not that I’ve been tasked by the universe to do so. This is a racial issue. Race is just a concept used to divide people based on appearance alone. A group of people wanted power and they achieved it by dehumanizing and enslaving, for the most part, a different group of people. A certain “race”. Unforunately, those kind of power hungry people still exists and their lust for power has only grown stronger. Can an idea be completely eradicated without destroying the bodies in which it resides? If it can, maybe I am too narrow-minded to see it.

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