Before I Hit the Gym

Lately I have been focusing on my art and any inclination to write, or in this case type out what’s on my mind takes a back seat to markers and paper. Actually, it’s not even along for journey. Plus, there is nothing currently going on locally, nationally or globally that isn’t bumming me the fuck out. I’m not built in a way to allow myself to be ignorant in order to achieve bliss. Times like these make me wish I was. If discussion could really solve the problems that are occurring, I’d go into the podium building business. But when I look at the news on TV or read the constant stream of updates on the web, all I see is foul action and I do not believe peaceful speech is powerful enough to oppose that. Even that belief is not 100%, if I’m keeping it 100. There is the non-violent, hippie side of me yelling EVERYBODY PLEASE JUST CHILL THE FUCK OUT.

Sometimes doing nothing is a tougher task than doing something. Gritting your teeth and taking the punch is a lot more difficult than retaliating. Turning the other cheek; yeah, it’s a noble act. But you can only be so noble before one of two things give: your chin or your willpower. I feel like the collective chin of the globally beat-down-upon is in critical condition. I’m not going to be the one to talk that uprising/overthrowing shit. If you ask me (which you are if you’re reading this), I feel like the floor will collapse from underneath us all — rich & poor, oppressor & oppressed, “black”, “white” and every hue in between — and we’ll all have to start from scratch. Everyone is clearly created different so to say the playing field would be completely even is a bit silly. What will be exposed though is the necessity for pure kindness and the willingness to work en masse. Stepping on the necks of others has to become a thing of the past.

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