Talk It Out

What to talk about? That’s a very important question when maintaining a blog, right? Yeah. When your response is I don’t know or the sound of silence, it makes it pretty fucking hard to maintain said blog. Welcome to the dilemma I have been facing. Its not that there isn’t anything going on around me. There are plenty of topics I could touch on. Expressing my views on global going-ons has never been a problem. It’s just lately, I have been in a mind state where the amount of fucks I give about things I could speak on goes from (insert numerical value) to zero in less than a nanosecond. Mustering up the small amount of energy it takes to type out a few hundred characters doesn’t seem worth it anymore. Or I just can’t define what the “it” I’m trying to assign value to is. Perhaps its the fact that expressing my views on things and not getting instant feedback is a mental roadblock of sorts. And that’s not to say this avenue of expression is about seeking attention and approval. But, there is something about sitting at a desk, typing your thoughts out to an audience that may or may not be there that isn’t as inviting vs physically being around like minded people who can comment on whatever opinions are shared. And whether its a cosign or a rebuttal, something is instantly gained during those interactions. And you grow just a little bit, or at least I do. Seems like I did have something to talk about after all.

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