The phrase listen to your body seems cliché. So few people seem to take it serious. I take it serious. Very serious. In the past 18-24 months, I put my body through a variety of changes, from tweaking my workout every 3 months to working different shifts which in turn screwed with my sleeping patterns. I’m back to what most would consider a normal schedule, up with the sun, work 8 hours, gym, sleep. Sometimes, my body let’s me know this shit isn’t suppose to be. Between 9:30 and 10 am, I get this increase of internal warmth and a slight burst of energy. I have to walk away from my desk at times, it is that intense. When I was working the midnight shift a little over a year ago, that would be the time I would hit the gym. I don’t think that’s a coincidence at all. Whether its my body, and in some way my subconscious, reverting back to that time or some inherently natural physiological response to that time of day that dates back to childhood (reaching there but screw it), I am being told that sitting on my ass, staring into a monitor isn’t what I should be doing.

Or maybe I’m just addicted to getting buff** and its the itch screaming scratch me.

*does push ups under my desk *

** = I’m far from that