Been a minute. I was torn between writing about the grammy aftermath, objectifying women and… something else that won’t surface, so obviously, it was unimportant. If you’re clever, and noticed the title, you’ll pick up on where this is headed. I did not watch the award show. That was done on purpose. Two plus hours of celebrity circle jerking is not something I find entertaining. Live performances shown on tv are not actually live performances. I did not listen to Macklamore’s album. I do not know if it was better than GKMC. I do not care either. And neither should you. Entertainment, although displayed on a grand public scale, is really some personal shit. You decide what is ‘hot’ to you. You decide what is whack, to you. You deem what is classic… to you. How many of you listen to Scarface’sThe Fix? The Source gave it 5 mics, by the way. I witnessed a countless amount of hissy-fits thrown, and it led to absolutely nothing in the end. I also played Money Trees a day or so later in my car, on the way to work, and (surprise) it’s still dope as shit. Sidebar: here is a video of the making of that beat. (Makes me wish I had an ear for production)

I went to pour a drink and lost my train of thought. I wonder who came up with that term. Who thinks in a relatively straight line anyway? Nobody. A robot, maybe.