Half-way Hobbyist

So other than working with my bros on our clothing line, getting back into photography (both digital and film), working with Pro Wise, maintaining a respectable beard, putting miles on the whip (hi Boston), and avoiding a murder charge at my wack ass day job, I’m also working on things for this site. Well, really, I just think it’s an amusing thing to say aloud. “Yo..we need those fries dog.” It also looks funny on shirts and stickers and whatever else I feel like displaying it on. I’ve gotten a few samples in and to be honest, I’m only half way pleased. (Related sidebar) After diving deeper into the realm of apparel sales and becoming a bit more informed on everything from pattern making to Pantone codes to wholesalers, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a lot of soul-less, quarter-assed bullshit on the market. That’s just one man’s opinion, I have nothing else to say on that. Here’s a design I’m sort of but not really struggling with.


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