Beauty is the Beast

I’m in the grocery store at least twice a week. I can’t help but to glance at the magazines that are at the checkout. Most are geared towards females. They have the gossip magazines. They have the food based magazines. They have the beauty magazines. I want to talk about the beauty magazines. I don’t open these magazines, I only look at the covers. I only see what I guess would be the headlines. They really do push the whole [insert number here] ways to be beautiful, how to enhance this or tips to improve that. In the wake of the whole skinny isn’t the only type of pretty movement, there are beauty tips for “real life” women…whatever the fuck that’s suppose to imply. They really really push BEAUTY onto women, onto the public. I want to know why is that? Why is beauty such a priority? You are beautiful, no matter what they say, is an underhanded compliment. I wonder if judging people will ever go out of style. Can someone really be comfortable in their own skin when they are bombarded with tips and tricks and secrets on how to enhance their physical appearance? A person, specifically a woman, can never be called ugly a day in their life yet still somehow think less of herself based solely off the fact that society tries to make people believe that beauty is important. Actually, they succeeded in doing so.  “I try to find beauty in everyone.” Well, isn’t that kind of you. I’m not a male feminist. Fuck them. I’m also guilty of frowning at a female when she has a gut that slightly oozes out from under her shirt. I don’t know why I think that’s a bad thing. I know its unhealthy as but aesthetically I can’t honestly tell you why that’s wrong. When was that programmed in me? How come I can’t ignore it?

2 thoughts on “Beauty is the Beast

  1. I wonder if judging people will ever go out of style.
    – I wonder that too. I wish it did. Nowadays I find an excuse to leave when the conversation turns that way. Have better things to do with my time.
    Thank you for raising the issue, and for asking the right questions.


    1. I feel you. But sometimes I hear something so ignorant or based on a foundation of stupidity, I can’t walk away. Thanks for reading too!


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