I Wrote This On Thursday

imageHaving Tuesday and Wednesday off has its pros and cons. One of the major pros is that somehow my brain reprogrammed itself to not really associate Fridays with the thought of “finally i get two days off from that hell hole”. When I’m at work now, I’m not really counting down the days until my next two days off. Its weird. I am being completely honest when I say I do not like my job. So please don’t mistake this sense of acceptance for happiness. I still tend to wake up with that initial a.m. cloud of misery right above my pillow. Nowadays, that cloud dissipates quickly. And I just find myself in a zen like state.

I may just be overreacting to the fact that I truly do forget what day it is sometimes. I’m not even bothered by that though. My I dont care attitude doesn’t come from a place of ignorance or rebellion, I’m just at peace with all things in due time.

Even though I meant every word, I just smoked a bowl so you can file all the above under boodah babble.

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