A Little Focus Pocus

imageI was going to make an entry complaining about the cost of education and how learning and proper training tends to be a detriment to your wallet. I was also going to point out the fact that stupidity and ignorance is free and abundent. That is what I was going to do. But then I met Lev Gutman. Quick story behind the picture. I bought it at a street market in London. It came with 2 rolls of film, which I used over the course of a few weeks. I took them to Walgreens to get developed. I received a call from them saying that they developed the film and all the pictures were fucked. I of course blamed the camera. That was well over 2 years ago. Today, I finally went to the camera repair shop to see what repairs, if any, needed to be made and how much it’d run me. Lev Gutman runs the shop and humbled the fuck out of me. I’m not a know it all by any means, but every now and then, I’ll have those “I should have known that…what a fucking numb skull shit-head you are” moments. “Did you alter your settings at all?” No Lev, of course I didn’t. I just pulled my dick out and started humping lol What’s foreplay? HUMBLED. I’m perfectly okay with that, to be clear. The guy even pulled out a book and showed me examples of his favorite b/w photos and what not. It was a simple gesture that went a long way. [cliche quota filled] Photography is truly a hobby, in the loosest of terms, I got into but never really took serious. Honestly, after today, I felt like I’ve somewhat disrespected people who actually pour their heart into that craft, especially the people I know personally. Luckily, a B&N is right up the road from the repair shop. Nothing throws off a middle aged white woman like a bald, bearded black man sitting Indian-style in the middle of an isle mumbling to himself as he types notes in his phone. And to think, I was going to bitch about the lack of free education.

(Indian-style is a bit offensive, huh)

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