Crunch Time

There’s an Evidence line from one of the tracks on the Cats & Dogs album that says “I don’t need love anymore, I need pressure.” Why bring that up? A few months ago, I made an entry and referenced getting back to work in terms of the brand and my little side ventures, and well, things seemed to have picked up. Actually, the phrase high-gear, although cliché, fits perfectly. Things are in high-gear. And no sissy pedal shifting either. I’m talking full on american muscle, rip the clutch and go. The amusing part is a large percentage of myself really doesn’t even care if I reap any financial benefits from all this. And I really should, considering this deep hole I’m in at the moment. But, I don’t. I’m enjoying the ride. I’m enjoying the challenges. I’m enjoying the uncertainty. I tend to downplay things, whether it be whatever talents I possess, feelings I have or how badly I have to shit during a dumb bell press. I can honestly say though, I haven’t been, well felt this busy in a long time. And it feels good. Is their a sub-genre of masochism that involves semi-geeky shit like site coding and using the pen tool in A.I.?

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