The Older Gods Put Me On

A lot of things that go on nowadays, that are tied to tradition, are pointless and unnecessary. Arranged marriages, the occupation of land, (shit!) religion in general are just some of the many things that continue to exist because of tradition. I think letting go of tradition would do more good than bad. But given the state the world is in, with all the destruction of natural habitats, the growing gap between the “1%” and “99%”, the unnecessary fighting and killing, I don’t really think shit can get a whole lot worse. You can cut the global tension with a pocket knife. Do people still carry pocket knives? My knife has a belt clip and it opens to about 5 inches. I’m rambling. Anyway, with all that being said, I respect tradition. To be clear, it’s not the particular acts that I have respect for. It’s the individual belief in something that I admire. It’s the dedication that I respect. I feel like I don’t have the ability to believe in anything enough to continue to do something day in and day out. I wonder if I’m missing something, as a person, or did something happen in my life and the thing that allows blind faith to exist within get pushed out. Did that make sense? If you read it like the handicapped black kid from Malcolm in the Middle, it might help. Shout out to all the pretty faces trapped under burqas and the Chinese man who has 5 daughters.

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