Do things for the kids (the little duns)

My mother is involved in a few of the organizations within her church. One of them is called Caring For Young Minds. One of things that particular organization does is sponsor college tours for kids. I actually participated my 11th grade year in highschool. I didn’t really gain anything from it to be honest. I did a whole lot of ass watching though (NC A&T, white pants, light brown hair, never will I forget you). Anyway, my mother seems to think it would be a good idea if I chaperoned on the next tour. I take it as a compliment that she, and other people in charge of the organization, seem to think I’d be a positive influence on kids. I also find it funny considering the wild shit I say to my mom in regards to my views on religion, school, drugs and the “system”. I mean, one question from a 17 year old could lead to me ranting for 20 minutes, nonstop and potentially alter the mind of a kid who had dreams of graduating summa cum laude, or whatever its called. Not to say I’m some powerful speaker that can rock the mic and control the crowd, but words affect people. Ideas plant seeds that grow into all kinds of shit. Is this me dodging the responsibility to care about the future? lol the dead beat dad who isn’t an actual dad. This isn’t the first time she has asked me but this is the most thought I have ever given it. Perhaps its something I need to do in order to “grow as a person”. I hate that fucking term. Saying that shit to someone makes it seem like whoever is saying it, knows all. And if you actually know anything, its that nobody really knows anything. See what I mean? Ranting.

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