Journal Smurnal

I don’t have many regrets in the short time I have been alive. I mean, I MIGHT be able to count them on one hand. You live and you learn, right? Well, I really regret taking the job I currently have. It’s not fun. It’s not really challenging. The pay sucks 30 dicks. The people are boring, for the most part. The only good thing that has come from me taking the job was during the 3-4 months I worked the midnight shift, I probably did close to 70 sketches have have led or will lead to designs that will either be used as promotion for our brand or put on merchandise. Something about being awake while the sky is dark and the moon is visible had my creative juices bubbling over. Other than that, BIG ASS REGRET.

I was talking to my mother sometime last week about how I hardly ever go out and how I’d rather lamp in the crib, throw house parties and avoid the madness that is city night life and bar hopping. She started sharing stories of the parties she would host with my grandmother and how at one of the gatherings, I hijacked a camera and took pictures of people. They were good pictures according to her. I couldn’t have been any older than 4 so I wonder what happened to that…need to visually document shit between that time and around 6 years ago when I purchased my first, and only, dslr? Or was it less a need and more just me being young and finding a new toy? I don’t know. I just see artists, that appear to be around my age, either making a name for themselves or fully on and popping and I wonder what could have been if those particular interests of mine had been nutured…?

I thought I had more but this Orioles’ game took over. Maybe the rest will come rushing back later.

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