When The Melting Pot Bubbles Over

I’ll be dead and gone by the time a real race war kicks off. It is going to happen, it’s no denying that. Who will be the victor? I don’t know. Will there even be a victor? I don’t know. But shit is getting crazy, so it’s inevitable. CNN is on all day while I’m at work so I get the chance to watch all these reporters and analysts and so-called experts voice their opinions on race relations in this nation, and globally. I’m amazed at the amount of denial and downplaying done. It almost makes the news look more like just another drama tv show. I just want, for once, even if it is only for a minute, someone to get on one of these panels and speak truthfully and with common sense. There can’t possibly be a peaceful ending to it. All this talking and mediation. All the peaceful protesting and marching. *steps on landmine* MLK marched and well, you see how that went. Malcolm became less militant, and well.. yeah. I’ve said this a lot lately to a lot of people. The term civil rights makes me chuckle a little whenever I hear it or see it pop up on tv. It is such a broad statement in terms of the treatment of a people, any people. I mean, just think about what you know about world history and the violence that has been documented. Then step into the present and ask yourself if it is truly possible for a group of people that have a LONG history of acts that are heartless, cruel, senseless, hell pick any antonym of civil, to just up and say “Hey, we’ve been unfair to you all, sorry. Here’s the land we stole and here’s the acres we owe you.” Does anyone actually believe it would go down like that? It won’t. It’s going to be violent. It’s going to be bloody. Most of all, it’s going to be necessary.

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