Hiii Times

What if we are comprised of three parts? What if the whole mind, body and soul thing is more than we think? What if what really makes us US is the soul, the essence? What if we are the souls? What if our brains are totally separate entities with their own agenda? What if human bodies are only able to exist on this particular planet? What if brains, and for the sake of this theory souls, constantly travel the universe searching for physical hosts? What if brains have an existence that we as souls have no idea about? What if souls have only finite records of what we acknowledge as history? As memory? As time? What if brains are in a constant state of what we know as war? What if souls are caught in the crossfire? What the fuck is a moral compass anyway? Are we(souls) riding shotgun in a car(body) while the driver(brains) controls the car? What if the soul is the actual navigator? What if sometimes the soul loses its direction and the brain takes over? What if a mindless act is actually an act the soul had no part in, and in fact the brain was in total control? What if the soul-less are actually weak souls? What if weak souls get paired with strong brains? What if some strong brains don’t always have what we know as good intentions? What if a strong brain gets paired with a strong soul? What if the bad intentions of the brain clash violently with the good intentions of the soul? What if that clash causes a storm known as going crazy? Would that still be coined as losing your mind? What…the fuck am I even talking about?

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