So recently, I guess within the past 3 weeks, I’ve been downloading and listening to the church of what’s happening podcast, hosted by the hilariously authentic Joey Diaz. He is definitely not your average comic. Street dude who just talks about his life, heavily laced with profanity and is always stoned. If he’s not taking tokes, you can hear the paper from a chewable being handled. Anyway, I’m listening to episode from 6/29/13 and they’re talking about smuggling drugs and guns on planes back in the day, pre-911 of course. I’m thoroughly enjoying this, as they recall exactly how they felt. I may or may not know how they felt, on minute scale though. You should check it out if you’re reading this. He’s got a set at DC Improv in August and I can’t wait, might take my pops.

(5 days later)

I really have no idea where I was going with the above paragraph. I don’t even think it was leading to anything, I was just rambling and probably a little high. But, there had to have been a purpose so I’m just going to post it.