Real Eyes Realize….

I was on the couch, eating breakfast and the local FOX News was reporting on obesity and how now it is being labeled as an actual disease. I wouldn’t argue against that. The immediate issue I had though was with how they talked about combating it, like its some fucking out of this world mystery as to how and why people, specifically Americans, become obese. I know the day will never come. The day when all the people getting rich off of the suffering, sick, broken back having, forever stuck in a hole every day citizens finally get exposed. Its no secret that over the course of time, humans went from foragers to basically hoarders. So a change in eating habits is partially the reason for national fatness. But from agriculture to fucking with the DNA of food to the creation of quite possibly one of the worst additives, HFCS, it’s not like this is some unforeseen disease. I won’t go so far as to say it was part of a bigger plan, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Most schools are phasing out physical education as a requirement, some altogether. They got rid of home ec decades ago so learning how to prepare meals got replaced with bagged snacks and dollar menu binges. Shit has been put in place to make the not so healthy food appear more convenient, more accessible and less expensive than fruits and vegetables. When you go into a regular grocery store, pay attention to the layout, what items are where, which merchandise has the biggest signs and all that shit. Call me a conspiracy nut, I don’t give a fuck. And what’s ironic is the following segment, or maybe 2 segments later, they are reporting on the death of James Gandolfini. “Reports say his sudden death may have been caused by a heart attack…” and I wanted to shout LOOK AT THIS GUY! HIS HEART WAS CLEARLY OVER WORKED SO ARE YOU REALLY SHOCKED?!…but you know me, I never want to come off as insensitive. Juuuuust kidding. Sidebar: I LOATHE “R.I.P. shout outs” to dead celebrities. I get on whatever social media site and every other post or statement is “you will be missed” or some corny shit. You motherfuckers are so phony lol and the birthday wishes to dead people OH LORD GIVE IT A REST. Welp, I think that’s about it.

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