I’m definitely going to get some stickers made up, mainly because this is the most random looking thing to be stuck to a mailbox or bathroom stall door. I kind of want a t-shirt for myself but I have other things that take priority. I hope any one who is reading this also bookmarked http://www.virtink.com. That’s the brand. Its more than just a name though. Its close to 2 decades of brotherhood, something I am proud to say I am a part of. I may get into the history of it one of these days. http://www.thoseprowiseguys.com are also my brothers, musical craftsmen, just put out an album, free for your downloading…downloadable(?) pleasure, Nachural Sulexion. Go give it a listen, might want to make some babies to it or something, if that’s your thing. I’m also working on a photo-specific blog, because we aren’t immune to the documentarian bug. I think I’m just trying my best to stay busy…which is ironic considering I’m doing this entry while I’m at work doing nothing related to my job. J.O.B. = Just an Obligation Bruh


    • Mr. R says:

      I’m pricing printing and custom labeling and trying to decide if it would be worth the money. It’s not like I have a following so I don’t want to drop a couple hundred and have a box of shirts just sitting in my house. I suck at self promotion lol


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