Plug Wun, Get Inside the Zone


I’m definitely going to get some stickers made up, mainly because this is the most random looking thing to be stuck to a mailbox or bathroom stall door. I kind of want a t-shirt for myself but I have other things that take priority. I hope any one who is reading this also bookmarked That’s the brand. Its more than just a name though. Its close to 2 decades of brotherhood, something I am proud to say I am a part of. I may get into the history of it one of these days. are also my brothers, musical craftsmen, just put out an album, free for your downloading…downloadable(?) pleasure, Nachural Sulexion. Go give it a listen, might want to make some babies to it or something, if that’s your thing. I’m also working on a photo-specific blog, because we aren’t immune to the documentarian bug. I think I’m just trying my best to stay busy…which is ironic considering I’m doing this entry while I’m at work doing nothing related to my job. J.O.B. = Just an Obligation Bruh

2 thoughts on “Plug Wun, Get Inside the Zone

    1. I’m pricing printing and custom labeling and trying to decide if it would be worth the money. It’s not like I have a following so I don’t want to drop a couple hundred and have a box of shirts just sitting in my house. I suck at self promotion lol


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