Thee Answers Are Out There

Currently on my 2nd cup of coffee. Where did the term ‘cup of joe’ come from? Who is joe and why is he so closely associated with coffee? I spent most of the weekend blazed, and a little frustrated by my inability to get Illustrator to do exactly what I wanted it to do. I seem to have completely forgotten how to move an anchor without moving the entire layer. GRRRR. Surprisingly, the tree actually gave me the patience to keep going back to my laptop to try again and again. Well, it’s not at all surprising to me. I’ve expressed on numerous occasions that cannabis has helped motivate me to get things done, or to at least give it a whole-hearted effort. I question the federal government’s intelligence when it comes to the legal status of cannabis. I want to ask an extreme anti- pot politician, “Is your problem really with weed or with the problems stemming from it’s illegal status on a federal level?” “Have you ever done a bong rip and then ate a 2 gram piece of space cake? No? I didn’t think so or you wouldn’t be against it.” I’ve become such a proponent for cannabis over the course of only 3 years. Maybe 4. I don’t know, who gives a fuck about time though? Nobody should if you ask me. And since you’re here, you clearly did ask me.

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