Uncharted Waters…and all that shit

I have become less emotional as I have gotten older. I don’t let how I’m feeling get behind the wheel nearly as much as I used to. I guess the term calculated would be the best fit for describing how I go about my days. That’s normal, right? You get older and wiser and all that junk and you tend to think things through, yeah? To almost tie into my previous post, lately, I’ve been thinking about love a lot. I have been thinking about it mainly because it seems to be missing. Where is it? Why is it lacking? I am not on some hippie type shit when I say that, not that there is something wrong with hippie philosophy or whatever. But just sit up and look at all the bad shit that’s happening across the globe. A lack of love has got to be the driving force behind all this madness. As I stated, I am more calculated about things nowadays so I did my best to come to an acceptable conclusion, for my own benefit I guess. I think that love is too encompassing. I hope I’m using that word correctly. I’ll be totally honest, I’m on the toilet right now and I don’t want to derail my train of thought by checking so fuck it. So yes, I think what love is got simplified over the course of time and now, what it truly means to love someone or thing is lost to most of us now. Lack of respect. You can’t possibly have love without respect. I think that might be the biggest chunk of the love pie. People don’t respect each other. Races don’t respect races, classes don’t respect classes, religions DEFINITELY don’t respect religions. The young don’t respect the old, and vice versa. Lack of admiration. Is saying someone isn’t worthy of your admiration wrong? I don’t know. Lack of compassion. Lack of trust and honesty. Complete honesty is freeing. I don’t mean brutal honesty where you tell a woman “no the dress doesn’t make you look fat, the 35 pounds of excess weight makes you look fat.” I’m talking being honest about yourself, your flaws, your ignorance, your gifts, your ideas and views. Tie that to trust. They basically walk hand in hand. Lack of understanding and acceptance. An abundance of selfishness. So many things go into the equation that is love. I believe most of us don’t really have the ability, no, that’s wrong. We all have the ability to love one another but fail to understand what it takes. Or refuse to understand.

Train of thought got derailed. Totally thinking about crab n shrimp nacho platter.

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