I did not die, I swear. I have been busy. Not a swamped type of busy but a preoccupied type of busy. I did a little traveling, trekked over to Europe for a week, London and Paris to be specific. I did some things, ate some things, saw some things and bought some things, including the most basic yet best pair of navy blue chinos (I’m wearing them RIGHT NOW Y’ALL). I have to get back to traveling more often and for longer periods of time. A week anywhere outside the states is really cheating yourself. I won’t go so far as to say it is a waste of money but those 6-7 days fly by. That sort of leads me into the other reason I’ve been busy: attempting to work for myself. I’ve gotten back into drawing. A LOT. Drawing for myself, both leisurely and for specific purpose, and for friends, mainly my crew. In some form, we are all and seems like always have been artists, whether it’s been drawing, photography, music, whatever. And recently, it feels like we are all starting to get on the same page, backing each other’s projects, offering input when needed and all that. So, yeah, I’ve been happily lost in that, even working on something minor for this site. That should be a good enough explanation as to why I haven’t posted anything recently.

Moving on, the world is getting iller by the second. It’s amazing how we make advances, great advances, in certain parts of our daily lives but in other parts, mainly how we treat each other, nothing changes. I’m sure everyone is up to date on the story of the 3 women that ‘escaped’ from the house, and the sub-plot being the cat that made the 9-1-1 call who is now infamous for all the wrong reasons. It’s nuts how this guy was being called a hero and nanosecoonds later, was being made a fool of. I don’t understand this neccessity, which seems to exist more on the internet, to tear people down. And I don’t understand how black people always seem to be made to look like fools on these ‘live’ broadcasts. Actually, I understand. I know why and I know how. What I don’t get is how come the people that see this form of injustice always seem to be quantitatively the minority, while majority of people play the pile-on game. Hey guys, lets all see who can make the funniest meme! You would figure if these bored fucks were really on a quest for fame, they’d do something that would have more staying power, like perhaps repetitively pointing out the blatant racism and classism, and fighting for a cause. What’s sad to me is these creations floating around the web that are belittling this guy are being promoted by other people of color, and it’s like… WHAT THE FUCK? Why do you get pleasure out of tearing down someone who is already looked down upon? You do realize that the same group of folks (well-off whites) that laugh at him are laughing at you too, right? You are essentially supporting and strengthening their beliefs about blacks, which is probably a down in the dumps race that has no real desire to work together and help improve their situation on a national, and global, scale. It’s really fucking insane that so many people are blind to the facts, and don’t see what is right in front of them or choose to ignore and/or downplay what they do see. I guess because we don’t get hosed in the streets and german shepherds aren’t taking chunks out of our asses anymore, shit is all sweet. WRONG. It is worse because now, the people in the charge (the powers that be if you like that term) don’t even have to actively degrade and disrespect us because we do it to ourselves so fucking much. I’ve had a few wake-up calls this past year and a half.

(How’s that for an abrupt ending?)