He on some now you see me, now you don’t

Podcasts. Podcasts. Motherfucking podcasts. They are my new obsession. Okay, obsession is being dramatic but I’m definitely listening to a lot of those shits lately. Actually, let me not be misleading. I’m only subscribed to like 5 different ones, but I fuck with them all, especially Joe Rogan’s. If I had to recommend 3 things in life, they would be use sea salt when making guacamole, mouth fuck your girl within the first 3 sexual encounters and subscribe to Joe Rogan’s podcast. I’m in the process of going back, catching up on old joints, randomly. Yesterday, I listened to an episode where Neil deGrasse Tyson was the guest. He’s an astrophysicist. I can’t even attempt to summarize the discussion, plus it would be totally unfair to do so, considering the science he dropped. So, yeah, if you’re reading this or have read anything I’ve typed and taken it remotely serious then you should check that podcast out.

On Monday, I drove waaaay the fuck out Northeastern Baltimore County to pick up some shirts I had printed up. It’s so ill to me to see something I designed end up on an item of clothing. Like, to go from simply an idea to something tangible and marketable, I don’t know if I will ever not be excited by that. http://www.virtink.com <–Bookmark that. We still have some shit for the cool weather but spring, actual spring weather, is right around the corner and we will have up things for that season some time next month.

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