UGH To The Fifth Power

It is no secret that I’m against today’s medicine. I don’t like going to hospitals and doctors. I feel like most ailments and sicknesses can either be prevented through eating right, maintaining some level of physical exercise and/or dressing appropriately. And it’s been stated that a lot of shit we experience in terms of declining health can be attributed to a lack of certain vitamins, D being the big one. I went to the ER like 2 weeks ago because I started to feel like (my)Bell’s Palsy was coming back. It’s really a disease that doctors have theories about but they don’t really know how to properly treat it because the cause is never 100% known. So I got prescribed 2 different types of pills. One is an anti-inflammatory medicine, with a WIDE variety of side effects, which include weakening your immune system. Keep in mind, flu season is still lingering. I was 3 days into it before I decided to look up exactly what I was taking. By then, it was too late. So here I sit, tissues stuffed up my left nostril, eye running like a thief in the night. I HATE being sick. It is the worst feeling in the world to me. I can’t push myself in the gym like I want to, and if I miss more than one day there, ah man, I’m ready to go on a rampage. Fuck this. Ranting isn’t making me feel better at all. Let me go do some work.

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