Scared Money Don’t Make None

If there was ever a time where a bar from a rap song could sum up my thinking at any given moment, that bar would fit perfectly right now. It’s a weird feeling to be put in a position where improvements you want to see in the future will take you basically ruining all the progress you made in the past. I actually speaking strictly from a financial stand point. First off, I know the current credit system is a joke being played on the public by…whomever is really behind the cash curtain. So I’m always torn between playing it safe and saying “uhh fuck you guys, I’m gonna never pay for back for shit”. I’m fed up with being a borrower but deep down, I feel like that’s what it is going to take to really get the wheels turning, to legitimize the brand, to help open up avenues for my friends to make progress in their lives, and everything else that comes with people buying into your movement. I wish originality, creativity, hunger, motivation were forms of currency. Then I would not be stressing. But wishes are like farts, they only hold weight inside and once you let them out, poof, they’re gone. M’eh. I’m going to eat my apple and get back to my doodles.

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