I was blinded by my own hubris

You ever have a moment where you look back, assess what just occurred and come to the conclusion that you just did some real asshole shit? I mean, like, you say to yourself ‘bet you thought you were a winner, huh?’ I just did. I’m at work, obviously, and the man who is training me on the duties of the job, that I will hopefully get a permanent fed position for, walks over. He’s Indian, I’m guessing. I only mention his race because it’s pertinent to the story. He asks me about the bead bracelet I’m wearing, that I always wear, every day. So, and here is where I put on my asshole hat, I proceed to tell him some shit I read on wikipedia or somewhere about the beads being made from the wood of a bos….man whatever. But look, I’m sitting here telling a fucking Indian guy, an old one at that, about the history of buddist jewelry…

I know, right?

He then starts to tell me the real deal about them, their meaning and all that. I’m a relatively humble person, so I’m happy to absorb any type of knowledge, especially of other cultures. But I felt like the BIGGEST douche once he was done. I had to laugh at myself. I laugh at myself a lot…because no one is as funny as I am. LOL. Stupid.

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