The Struggle (to stay awake) Is Real

Today is my first day, well night…no, extremely early morning on my new-old job, or old-new job. I don’t know. I’ve worked in the area before, just on a different shift. Figure it out. This is my very first overnight shift ever. I haven’t been up this late, on purpose, in a long fucking time, not counting drug fueled weekends (Hi Molly). I’m wondering how my mind and body will react to the changes I’m about to put them both through. I’m also wondering if I will be able to handle 2 jobs. I feel like having 8:01am to 11:59pm available to do anything would be a waste if I didn’t take the opportunity to try and secure more income aka make bank aka stack paper aka gather guac. MONEY MAKES MEH FEEEEEEL GOOOOOOD. I’ve yawned at least 4 times since I logged on here. There’s an empty Red Bull can and The Walking Dead: Compendium One to my right. Yawn no. 5 makes it’s appearance. This will all pay off, right? Right.

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