I feel good after a yoga session. I mean, really good. Last night, I had more energy after the session than when I went in it.

I feel like the future generations won’t know what nostalgia feels like. The microwave generation. As quick as things are produced, they are absorbed and discarded at the same pace. Letting things marinate will be a, if not completely foreign, hardly practiced exercise.

I feel like you don’t really know a person until you step aside and see how they handle adversity. I believe it to be one of the most necessary things when it comes to evolving, growing, maturing, etc. How will you know to avoid shit if you haven’t stepped in it at least once?

I feel like my high is the best when it doesn’t happen often. I don’t even enjoy those 72 hour marijuana cloud sessions anymore.

I feel like dark chocolate almond milk should be illegal because it’s THAT damn good. It’s especially good with cereal. FUCK WIT ME.

I feel the truth slowly revealing itself to me. The truth about everything. Sandy was the result of weather machine testing. The eye of hurricanes do NOT reach land above the Mason-Dixon line naturally. The death toll is way higher than whatever the “official” numbers are. What about the homeless? I’m not a meteorologist or atmospheric scientist but snowfall as a result of a hurricane does not seem right. There were some news programs that dubbed it a super-storm. I’m not tripping.

I feel the need to start getting tattoos now. Mostly on my left side to balance things out.

I feel like I lost touch with parts of myself last summer. I was happy with my solitude. My need to get away from people is real, whether it’s internal or external is the question. Being anti-social isn’t a bad thing when society is anti-positive, anti-peace, anti-advancement, anti-informed and extremely pro-bullshit.

I feel comfortable shaving my head now.

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