It’s almost 5am. I can’t say how long I’ve been up. Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve lost all track of time. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep around 6 in the evening, after that I don’t know…hold up, I went to the bar so it was later than that. Fuck it, who cares. I’ve been watching the sundance channel for like the past 3 hours or so, and, a lot of indie films involve fucking. It’s some broke, horny directors out there. Fucking, hit the Apple store today because I’ve been eyeing a MB Pro. It’s just shelling out 1400+ bucks on, well, anything is something I don’t know if I want to do. Cool product. I can only test it so much in a public setting (I need to be able to listen to music, edit photos and have porn playing in the background to properly test it.)