I paused Limitless. It’s a bootleg, a horrible one considering the incredible jump in the tech world made in the past 10 years, so I don’t know how far along into it I am. Two things have come to my attention. 1. I’m doing myself a great disservice by not watching this on blu-ray. 2. The drug is loosely based off of drugs already available on the black market. It has to be. That may have already been discussed since this movie has been out for a while. I don’t know, haven’t researched that and I most likely won’t. What I will do it go cut my hair, wash my ass and see if Wal-Mart has it on blu-ray, come back home and start it over. It’s only right. Do you know what’s not right? Ants. I hate them with a passion the size of the universe itself. I’m not a whiny bitch but I would rather just move to a whole new apartment right now if I could. Okay, that’s overkill but I seriously can not stand those tiny fucks. My living room smells like Raid and sandalwood incense. I need to finish this mango before I do anything else. Here’s a video. Joey Bada$$. The song is called Waves. The album is called 1999. He’s 17 and dope. Peace.