Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Head

I started feeling weird about a week or so ago and I could not figure out what was causing it. I stopped smoking for a bit (bit = a few days, nothing insane), started doing yoga, which is FUCKING HARD, and I’m pretty sure I did other things but what they were escapes me at the moment. It hit me Saturday evening. I was sunk in my sofa, scanning the room and my eye locked onto a few of the unread books on one of the shelves. I literally hadn’t picked up a book in months. I’ve been exercising 5 times a week, trying to achieve the gladiator body, that’s what I call it, but totally ignored the goal of a scholar’s mind. Sunday, I did what I haven’t done in a long time. I trekked to Barnes & Noble, fingered through the disgustingly small African American section and made my selection. I roamed the 2nd floor until I found the perfect spot, a small pillar, adjacent to one of the big ass windows over looking the harbor, plopped down and jumped right into some truth. It was just enough of a kick start to lift my spirits. Also plotted on my next paperback victim…which I will not be buying from B&N. I have no clue why I continuously paid retail prices from books when Amazon is in existence. The app was downloaded yesterday and payday is Thursday. Need I say more?

One thought on “Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Head

  1. For being one of my absolute favorite people on the internet, you sure don’t post enough.

    In news: I just watched the Will Sith success vid today, it was great, on some levels.
    In more news: You being a book worm,. Yeah, that. Unff.
    In more news.. “gladiator body” had me lol’ing. I always say “chiseled like a greek god.”

    xoxo, your biggest fan.. this is Stan..
    Er,I mean.. Botch


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