Just a grown man doing grown man shit

The phrase ‘if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything’ kind of loses some, well most of it’s weight once you, as a human, realize that nothing really matters. I’m not saying that in a depressing way, so don’t worry. Ok, I’m high right now so this is about to be one of my more disorganized entries. Plus, Alien Tornado is on Syfy and if you know me, then you also know how I feel about Syfy Original movies. Hold on, I’m going to go toss some more veg in my soup. This broth needs to be on more things. Or have more things in it…?

…& the O’s are kicking ass right now. So happy they are starting off good this year. They do that every year but something feels different with these wins recently. Confident wins, maybe? I’m not sure but I need to weather to act proper so I can catch some games.

This house on the opposite side of the alley, on the other side of the street is either a house of worship or a half-way house or rehabilitation home. I have no fucking clue. But it is 9:10pm, rainy and cold, and they are having some outdoor activity and this nigga is talking through a bullhorn while some song, I believe it’s Tyga, spreads through the neighborhood like a virus that shaking it’s dreads or something. I know I’m getting old because I’m contemplating calling the cops on them. Fuck their fun, I’m not walking by their yard blowing weed smoking everywhere, rapping Redman songs loud as possible in between pulls.

I sort of want to head downtown to watch the UFC match, buuuuuuut I also want to take one good rip off my pipe. Now, if I do the latter, the former has 0% chance of happening. Decisions, decisions.

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