Bummer Blanket: Keeps Me Warm At Night

2 hospital visits. 1 clinic visit. 2 specialists appointments. Bills. Bills. Bills. I’m well aware of the ills of the world, the more extreme hardships of other, less fortunate people and the blessings that I do have. With that said, I think someone put a hex on me haha. Straight Harvey Dent status right now, body and mind. I will be so grateful when this storm of poo completely passes over. Maybe it’s some airborne virus of bad luck or something, as I’m not the only person encountering some struggles.

But who is not struggling right now is Melo, burying 3 pointers with no hesitation. I still feel a bit betrayed by that billboard about NY being the city that made him or some crap. I’m slowly getting over that though. Anyways, time to burn a spliff and figure out how I’m going to obtain this 3 series.

-begins hunt for forest of money trees-

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