I’m Not A Staaaaarrrrrrrrrrr

I went out to dinner with my folks today since it was the last day of Restaurant Week here in the city. The topics of conversation ranged from me getting a federal position to the affect of weed on your taste buds. Caprese salad is good, dare I say great on it’s own. Throw some THC into the mix and you’ve got a fucking WINNER.

I went out last night to a few clubs in DC. Once again, I had to go through the constant confused, is that Common stares from random white people. It’s always white people, except for the times it’s Asian dudes. I’m outside, ruining my lungs with a delicious black-n-mild and these 2 chicks, one white and the other some ill blend, are looking right at me. “…that is him.” “That’s not fucking Common.” I was high as a kite so I approached the one that obviously isn’t just a pop-rap fan and asked if what I overheard was correct. It was. What made the situation less annoying was the fact that she gets told she resembles A Keys(I guess being attractive and light-skin with “good” hair is an instant qualifier). So she felt my pain. Also, apparently, platonic conversations are unfathomable during the club let-out. Hounds ruin everything.

Syfy has the best movies. By the best movies I mean so cheesy that they are good. Plus, the titles are instant classics. I’m currently watching Swamp Volcano lol.

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