Those Flashing…Lights ights ights

As I’ve grown, I’ve cared less and less about the personal lives of entertainers whom I am a fan of; whether it be music, movies, whatever. But we live in the age of the internet, where you are forced fed useless facts and the latest stories nanoseconds after the universe lets them come to be. So, it’s kind of difficult, probably damn near impossible, to avoid the gossip 100%. With that being said, 1. Russell Brand is an admitted addict of all kinds of shit, so is anyone really shocked, 2. The Carter baby better either be a black John Connor (a Skynet like organization is going to surface, trust) or the first face printed on the new global currency when NWO fully takes over and all the current major currencies become worthless and 3. Jersey Shore, The Kardashians and most other “reality” shows are the reason for dwindling ticket sales at the zoos across America. I’m headed to the gym now.

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