Niggas’ll tell you that I’m nice with the blah blah blah

I downloaded the WordPress app on my phone. Only reason I did is because I’ve been downloading Hobo with a Shotgun for like 2 days and its wrecking havoc on my internet. That movie better be fucking Oscar worthy.

I watched this movie called Enter The Void. Crazy film, watch it if you can. I’m mentioning it because the main characters apartment was a fucking closet. It was set in Japan and I know that on average they don’t have anywhere near the excessive living spacethat the average American has. But watching that shit made me realize why they make paper thin tvs. Then I thought…I wonder if eventually we’ll be forced to live in tiny quarters. I was sitting in my living room early, in complete silence, surfing the net on my phone. All this technology and I’m huddled up on my sofa, staring at a 3.5 inch screen. We’re being mentally trained to get use to living with less. Not that minimalist living is a bad thing, but when its eventually forced upon an entire nation, no one will be happy with it.

I think I have the flu and I’m hoping my liver survives the storm of meds swirling around inside me. Pause.

I watched this movie called Super yesterday. Without giving too much away, its basically what Kick Ass should have been on screen. Ellen Paige’s final scene even made me go “Damn” and it takes a lot to get that type of reaction out of me. SHUT UP CRIME.

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