Blind copy these nuts. My biggest pet peeve in regards to an office environment is unnecessary emails. I realize we live in a time where a lot of communication is done digitally. That’s fine, but when I discuss something with someone face to face and then later on that day, I get an email directly related to the previously had conversation and the person who sent the email is a stones throw away, it makes me want to hurt things, step on flowers, punt new borns, etc. HATE is not a strong enough word. The only way I know how to deal with that pent-up aggression is to buy silly hats. Kidding. It normally fades away by the end of the work day or I forget about it during my workout. I did buy some silly hats though.


  1. Just Me says:

    I’m gonna try on all your silly hats and take silly pictures with them while you are out lol


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