Birthday Suits: Buy One, Get One Free

I got a discount coupon for Barnes & Noble. I enjoy getting them. They always hit my inbox when I’m not expecting them. They’re like surprise nudie pictures. Who on earth doesn’t appreciate boobies and butt cheeks. And that’s why I’m torn between Looker and Beautiful:Nudes. I’m leaning towards the latter at the moment just based off of the cover, not that I’m on some pro-black, love the nubian goddess type kick. I just googled nubian and that shit is used improperly all the time. Wow. Learning is fun. And now, a quote from the gun expert I work with:

They tried to say something to me about my sweatpants. How are they going to have Casual Friday, but then put a limit on it. Fascist. I know who else was a fascist… nice little guy. He was cool until a couple of Jews started fucking with him…

I laughed.

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