Before I get too stoned and shut majority of the world out, I have to vent about some shit. At the moment, it’s what appears to be a black family consisting of 3 adults and 7 or so kids playing flag football in the middle of the street. Now while playing ball in the middle of the street is some shit that doesn’t normally bother me, the fact that you put forth the effort to plan a FLAG football game means you could have included a drive to the nearest park, which is 2 minutes away, in that plan. Shit pissed me off. I was actually a bit surprised at how mad I got over that, like, “wow…I’M REALLY PISSED OFF.” Some shoes were released today and I wanted them. I wasn’t able to get them and I’m not mad about it. But I feel old as shit because I was saying to myself, as I was leaving one of the malls,” shit, 10 years ago, I could stroll in the store the next day and they’d still be on the shelf”. That’s some old head fucking comment, got me sounding bitter. HIIIGHlarious. I’ll just throw that money in my savings SPLASH And during my search, some young chick working in one of the stores blessed me with the WORST customer service of all TIIEMM.[\Kanye] Once again, the feeling of being a disgusted old man reigned over me…or rained over me. Fuck off.