Most of our elders failed us, how could they judge us

I’m standing in a short line, in Subway, and there are 2 older black women in ahead of me ordering sandwiches. After listening to them gobble like eastside turkeys at one another for a minute, it was discovered *shoves index finger into the sky* that they were mother and daughter. What that fact means to the meat of this tale? Nothing. So the older one is asked what veggies she wants, she says some shit. I didn’t really perk up until she says to the guy that’s preparing her sandwich,”hey can you spread out my tomatoes..I like to taste everything on that first bite”. And that shit led to some other nonsense about the daughter having too much old bay on her last sandwich and getting a headache and after 2 minutes of that shit, I just started laughing out of disgust. I don’t want say I can’t stand old black women but…

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