I rant. A lot. Doesn’t matter what it is about, who is on the receiving end or where I am. People are dicks when they get behind the wheel of a car. I went on a 5 minute rant one afternoon after having a late breakfast with some friends about wishing I had superhuman strength. I said I’d be willing to zap my body of all energy, leaving me damn near lifeless, if it afforded my the ability to kick a person’s car across the street or over a bridge or on top a building or into the woods on the side of a highway. I don’t think that’s overkill because, people are idiots and idiots don’t really respond well to calm words. But a grand gesture like booting their sedan through a Starbucks will grab their attention.

Speaking of kicking it, don’t see the documentary about A Tribe Called Quest if you’re a Tribe fan. It’ll only make you more depressed, knowing those cats will never make music together again. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good film but a total kick in the nuts and a bit sad.

My biggest issue with the Occupy (insert location) is the lack of dead bodies and/or kidnapped people of power. I appreciate a non-violent uprising just as much as the next man, but sadly, the fix to the problem is a total system overhaul and well, motherfuckers gotta die for shit like that to happen. This isn’t a 3rd world country where the leader can be scared into making changes because two thirds of the village is in his front yard with sticks and torches. This a country built on thievery, manipulation, greed, etc. with a corrupt system implanted (DEEP) that can’t be uprooted just by yelling into a bullhorn. Sorry.

I can’t roll Raw paper for shit, bitches never stay together.