I’ve got to start actually recording things as they pop in my head. In the past, ideas would pile up inside until I finally sat down, organized them and typed them out. Nowadays, I’ll ‘ohyeahthatsinteresting’ all day at work for a few days, sit down for lunch break with the intent to put them on digital paper (?) and… NOTHING. I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I’m truly depriving the world of wicked ramblings and foundations for global overhaul. I was going to hit the gym this morning. I wasn’t keeping track of time though, packed a bowl and 7 o’clock hit right as my head hit the ceiling. Doing cardio while mentally altered is not cool, barely doable and not recommended. I must say though, I used the built up drive to be physically fit and created one of the most delicious omelets ever. My farts smell like premium cut beef and bleu cheese. WOOOO [/Archer]


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