I´m wasting a couple euros because my mind is out of fucking control when I´m in sleep mode and I need to let some of this madness out. I just woke up from a dream that starred myself, 2 of my friends, this chick we know, her husband who looked like some Terry Crews hybrid and a outrageously wtf guest appearance by Will Smith. Fake T Crews flips out because he notices the chemistry between his wiz and the Fresh Prince and goes outside to his carport, which is the size of an elementary school parking lot, and starts slamming baby ducks. I don´t know where the fuck all these ducks came from, but when he slams them, they end up looking like cornish hens on display at the supermarket. We´re laughing hard as fuck as we watch from a distance. This dream took place while I slept on the sofa, and it´s not the first nutty ass dream I had on there. The dream prior to that, which occured while I slept on the bed, consisted of some dude I went to highschool with and myself cracking on each other for what seemed like forever. This cat had on corduroy shorts and field boots but for some reason, the corduroy was the lining of the shorts. It was fucking retarded. I spent what seemed like 15 minutes just unleashing corduroy shorts jokes. I woke up laughing, then went in the bathroom because I thought I had to vomit. I just pooed. I´m going to go swim in the ocean

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