Ain’t wha’chu want baby, it’s wha’chu need darlin’

Two days ago, after work, I cracked 2 beers and for the first time since who-the-hell-knows, I did not enjoy consuming said beers. A shocker, I know. At first I thought it was because the beers were shit. Wrong. The only bad beer is a warm one. Then I thought it was due to the 3 days of being tree free. Wrong. That depressed the shit out me but it wasn’t the reason I didn’t enjoy my brewskis. The real culprit: Bourbon. Well, the lack of it.

Yeah, that’s the best I can come up with. I don’t really have much to discuss these days. Topics pass through my mind, but by the time I get the chance to sit and attempt to type them out, they don’t even seem worthy of discussion. Plus, I think the fact that I’m far less angry than I used to be is a factor as well. I wish I could put a finger on the cause for my lack of anger and frustration. It could be the not-so-new-anymore job, and the money that came along with it. It could be all the THC. Maybe I’ve outgrown the childish aggression. Hell, it could be the fact that my teeth are straighter. I have no fucking clue to be honest. I should just be thankful for the change, for all the changes actually. Yeah. That works.

I have on safety goggles right now. I’m going to give serious thought to sporting ski goggles this winter. Yes. It’s settled. For the whole month of December, I will live life like I’m re-creating the Wu-Wear video.

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